Programmer Thoughts

By John Dickinson

OpenSolaris upgrade

June 11, 2009

OpenSolaris 2009.06 was released this month. Upgrading my home file server was pretty easy.

# pkg refresh && pkg image-update

Everything worked smoothly until the last part. The new boot environment did not activate correctly. Some further digging revealed that one of the two disks in my rpool was set with and EFI disk label (I’m not sure how that happened). I found some good information online, and soon enough, I was up and running with the new version of OpenSolaris.

ZFS was upgraded in this new version, so I upgraded it on my file server.

# zfs update

And like that, I was done. I will be interested to see if the drivers (rge) for my original NIC are better. If so, I may be able to set up trunking on the two NICs to double my throughput. I did notice that CIFS seems to work a little better. That is, I didn’t have to coerce the machine to share via CIFS like I used to.

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