Programmer Thoughts

By John Dickinson

File server update

February 06, 2009

Unfortunately, I haven’t made much progress on my new file server. I got OpenSolaris installed last weekend. After I figured out that I had accidentally turned off the SATA controllers in the BIOS, the install went flawlessly.

I didn’t set up the storage pool right after I installed OpenSolaris because I didn’t have all of my hard drives. When I first ordered my four hard drives for the Drobo, one of them was bad, so I sent it back for a replacement. The replacement came on Monday. I opened up the case, screwed in the hard drive, plugged in the cables, neatly arranged everything, and closed the case back up. I pushed the power button, and…nothing. No beeps, no clicks, no anything. Quite disappointed, I opened up the case again and took a look. Nothing smelled bad, and I couldn’t see anything that looked burned, so I assumed the magic blue smoke that makes all electronics work was still inside. I pulled the power supply (no easy task) and tried it in a computer at work. No change. I boxed up the supply and sent it back to get replaced. UPS says it was delivered today, so I hope to get a new one next week.

Karen and I finished watching season two of Battlestar Galactica last night. Unfortunately, without a working file server, I don’t have enough hard drive space on my computer to download season three. I hope to get the replacement power supply soon.

I’ve added a page that gives more specific details on setting up my home file server, including parts, screenshots, and example commands.

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