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By John Dickinson

PyGTK Chart Widget

June 06, 2009

pygtkChart is a chart widget for GTK that offers line graphs and pie charts. It’s simple to use, but it is lacking one feature that I really wanted: bar charts. I added a bar chart widget to the package, but I have not been able to get in touch with the original author to contribute the code back. So, here it is.

Download: Clone from git:// or view the source at


$ python build && sudo python install

Description: I have added two new classes: BarChart and MultiBarChart. BarChart provides a simple bar chart. MultiBarChart allows for grouped bars. The code is fairly well commented and should be easy to follow.

BarChart example MultiBarChart example

These images are screenshots of and, both found in bar_chart_test.tgz

UPDATE: a new version has been released

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